Mr. Ho’s Orchestrotica Kicks Off Their 2017 Tour

By Genevieve Gatia on Mar 08, 2017 11:44 AM EST

Mr. Ho's Orchestrotica kicks off their three-state Maksaz tour in Cambridge, MA, Lawrence, KS, and Phoenix, AZ in February. Boston quintet led by Brian O'Neill will take the aspects of jazz and chamber pop mixing them with a hint of international influences that will make the music sounds truly global.

According to its official Facebook Page, the group will bring its Maksaz tour on February 22 at Regatta Bar in Cambridge, MA, February 26 at Lied Center in Lawrence, KS, and February 27 at Musical Instrument Museum Theatre in Phoenix, AZ. The ensemble is a big band augmented with slide guitar, four singers, B3 organ, and three percussionists; they are the one who is dedicated to performing the lost space-age pop music of Juan Garcia Esquivel.

Brian O'Neill leads a team of five musical creators who cleverly collaborate on instruments foreign and domestic to form modernist delicacies for curious listeners. The ensemble recreates the Hollywood big band, easy Latin, crime jazz, and space-age bachelor pad sounds of the 50s and 60s.

According to Ben O'Neill's interview with The Pitch, he admitted that the ensemble is divided into two, the quintet and the big band. The quintet is more of original music projects, the arrangements of the songs are the jumble of classical, jazz and global music all mixed together. 

O'Neill added that the big band is a specialty project that only performs the music of Esquivel. O'Neill said that they are the only one who plays his music live whose scores were lost in the '70's.
The project originally started out as O'Neill transcribed his music so that the listeners could enjoy the Esquivel's music in a live setting.

O'Neill said that the quintet is not just a five-piece lounge ensemble playing new versions of Martin Denny but it has more exotica in the mindset, just fantasy, and escapism to the reality.

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