Book Review: ‘An Unforeseen Life: A Memoir’ By Mary Ann Connell

By Arnab Banerjee on Apr 11, 2017 04:37 PM EDT

"An Unforeseen Life: A Memoir" is basically an autobiography of the formidable lawyer named Mary Ann Connell. In this book, she has shared the story of a veteran college administrator with a renowned lawyer. In the memoir of Mary Ann Connell, readers will be able to recognize the energy and strength of a southern lady who is also described as "well brought up."

In a report published in the Oxford Eagle, Jony Miles, the author of "Dear American Airlines" said Mary's book is really charming and at the same time deeply reflective as well. Mary did not have a smooth life especially during the early stages of her life. When she was just eight years old, a tragedy took place in her life where a deadly fire killed his brother. Mary blamed herself for the incident and she had decided to become a motivator for the rest of her life.

Along with her childhood tragedy, Mary has also mentioned in "An Unforeseen Life: A Memoir" the incident that changed her life. A marriage in Louisville, Mississippi took her to Delta and it helped her to choose a proper career for her. She was very efficient in handling household matters and at the same time, she attended the meeting of the Browning Club really efficiently. She was also very productive in her studies as well and it helped her to enroll herself in Harvard law School for graduate studies.

The readers of "An Unforeseen Life: A Memoir" will also go through what circumstances Mary had to face for becoming the first women to practice law in Oxford. At the same time, she has also described how she overcame those difficulties as a law student.

"An Unforeseen Life: A Memoir" is basically about the story of a woman who had her share of troubles and sorrows in her life. But she overcame all those hard times and made most of her life. It is expected that her story will motivate many women all around the world.

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