Los Angeles Photographer Captures The Beauty Of The Nature With A Twist

By Arnab Banerjee on Apr 10, 2017 01:02 PM EDT

The earth is an enough big place to capture all the beauty of the natural world. The L.A photographer Amir Zaki suggests the same fact and at the same time, he believes the natural world poses enough complexity to be viewed in single dimensional approach. In order to realize all the truth and beauty of nature, it is very important to have a multi-layered approach.

A report published in Los Angeles Times stated that Amir Zaki, who was represented by the Acme gallery in L.A has represented the natural beauty in a couple of layers. Amir Zaki shot some beautiful pictures of beach outcroppings at California coast against gray skies at high tide. These pictures represent the evidence of powerful sources, which are at work.

The carving series by Amir Zaki has represented the same thing. It has also represented the multi-layered approach of viewing beautiful natural things. The captures in the carving series have appeared differently under different backgrounds.The rolling waves of the sea have appeared differently and it looked like solid chunks of wood. At the same time, from another point of views, the shots looked like seed pods, rolling waves or the shells of some sea creatures. Though some of the photographies of Amir Zaki is digitally manipulated.

It is expected that the photographies of Amir Zaki will open the eyes of people all over the world. Though the world has progressed by a significant margin in the last century but the point of views of looking at arts has not improved by a significant amount. Most of the people around the world look at the art sculptures from just one point of view. Most of the times, that changes the real beauty and real meaning of the art sculptures. But photographies of Amir Zaki may change the point of views of the people and it will be very good for arts.


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