Artists Reluctantly Draw A Line Under London Living

By Arnab Banerjee on Apr 11, 2017 04:44 PM EDT

Pattrick Goddard who is a 32-year-old artist living in London is facing a really tough situation nowadays. The artist is handed a notice when he was in his warehouse getting ready for an action. Pattrick is really emerging as an artist and he has developed his studio by a huge margin in last few years. But the recent notice has pushed him in a very troubling situation as Pattrick and his partner have to pack up and leave the studio within one month. A group of real estate developer will be in charge of the building.

Though it is a false situation for, Pattrick he is somehow used to such situation. The road to becoming an artist in London was always really difficult for Pattrick but he never gave up. Pattrick has the habit of living in several unorthodox places but he has never stopped his work for the last 12 years. Therefore, Pattrick should overcome the current problem. Though the last tenancy of Pattrick was not huge, still it was suitable for his job.

In a report published in the Financial Times, Pattrick stated that he has been struggling in London for the last 12 years and all of his friends live in London. But this incident may force him to leave the city. He has also stated that he is tired of finding the cracks in architectural renewal projects, though he will continue with his projects.

Pattrick is not the only artist who is the victim of the architectural crisis in London. There are plenty of artists in London and their work is affected by a huge margin due to this crisis. There are some artists who are forced to give up and on the other hand, there are some other artists who have attempted criminal offense in order to continue their work. Therefore, this kind of situation in London is certainly not useful and healthy for emerging artists.

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