Japanese Orchestra Concert In Saudi Arbaia Amazes The Crowd

By Arnab Banerjee on Apr 18, 2017 01:04 PM EDT

Japanese orchestra is considered as one of the popular orchestras in Asia. But this orchestra is kind of limited to southeast Asian countries. Therefore, in order to expand the popularity of this form of the orchestra, a concert of Japanese orchestra took place in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Amazingly, the concert has amazed the crowd as well.

A report published in Arab News stated that the orchestra concert was opened by Adel-Al Toraifi who is the Minister of culture and information. The concert took place in King Fahad Cultural Center. The concert was organized by the cultural ministry of both of these countries. Therefore, it will definitely improve the relation between both of the countries. At the same time, it will bring each other closer.

Many important persons were present in the orchestra. That includes the Japanese ambassador Norihiro Okuda. The best thing about the concert is many young people from Saudi Arabia joined the concert and at the same time, they have liked the concert as well. Though there were many important people in the concert, but the main attraction of the concert was Hirofumi Yoshida.

A group of 80 people was led by Hirofumi Yoshida during the concert. The group produced a soothing music which was applauded by a significant amount of crowd. Most of the people, who attended the concert was delighted by the performance of Hirofumi Yoshida.

According to a report published by step feed, the concert was considered as one of the major concerts by Japanese orchestras. The good thing about the concert was it was a mix gendered orchestra. The orchestra had a female lead singer who performed really well. The good thing about a mix gendered orchestra is, it can add a lot of sweetness in the concert.

This was a full-time Japanese concert which took place in Saudi Arabia after 25 years. Therefore, it will definitely expand the Saudi-Japan Vision 2030 music exchange program. Therefore, with the cultural exchange, the relation between both of these countries will be better. At the same time, people of both of these countries will get an opportunity to know each other as well.

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