'House Of Cards' Star Ms.Marvel And Mr. Stoll Will Cast In 'Julius Caeser' In Central Park

By Arnab Banerjee on Apr 13, 2017 09:21 AM EDT

"House of Cards" is one of the most popular American Drama Series of recent time. The popularity of this drama series keeps getting increased day by day. Therefore, the reputation and demand of the cast of this drama series are also increasing as well. When it comes to the two of the most important cast of "House of Cards." Corey Stoll and Elizabeth Marvel surely can be mentioned. 

A report published in the New York Times stated that Elizabeth Marvel and Corey Stoll who are working in "House Of Cards." has been selected as the cast of upcoming theater "Julius Caesar." The Play will start from May 23 and it will continue until June 18. It is reported that the play will take place in Delacorte Theater in Central Park. The theater show will be directed by Oskar Eustis. 

Elizabeth Marvel and Corey Stoll both are offered a very crucial role in the theater act "Julius Caesar." Ms. Marvel has been cast as Antony. At the same time, another co-star of "House of Cards" Corey Stoll will play the role of Marcus Brutus.

Apart from these cast members, there are few names were also mention as the cast of  "Julis Caesar". Most of the stars who will participate in "Julius Ceasar" are very well known and at the same time, they are really reputed as well. The other cast members are Nikki M. James who will play the role of Portia. At the same time, Stephen Adly Guirgis will play the role of "China the poet." Therefore, it is expected that the act "Julis Caesar" will be a great success as a play and at the same time, it will be popular among the people as well. 

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