The Review Of A Jovial Literary Piece - 'My Italian Bulldozer'

By Debapriya Dutta on Apr 17, 2017 05:33 PM EDT

To begin with, "My Italian Bulldozer" follows a fascinating storyline of a Scottish wine and food writer, Paul Stuart looking for a perfect escape from his regular life after a break up with his girlfriend. However, the story seems to take an interesting turn when he suddenly discovers that his hired car is missing and nowhere to be found.

Speaking of the very plot of "My Italian Bulldozer", according to Scotsman, what needs to be made clear is that Alexander McCall Smith is known to have a great deal of popularity owing to the absurdities in his literary pieces. This becomes quite evident in "My Italian Bulldozer" as well, since, fraught with the hardships of Italian car rentals, Paul ends up renting a bulldozer. As a reader, terming the book to be something very refreshing and original while keeping the traditional ways of mending life and loves alive might be an apt definition.

According to Good Reads, "My Italian Bulldozer" on the other hand does manage to provide us with an insight to the philosophical views of Alexander McCall Smith via the aesthetic conversations that take place between the protagonist Paul and the local teacher, Onesto. As one proceeds through the story of "My Italian Bulldozer", it turns to be a light-hearted piece of work that does manage to evoke a great deal of laughter and bring a smile on the face of the reader. Nevertheless, at the same time, you can never neglect the seriousness of the author's purpose in "My Italian Bulldozer".

Known to be a prolific writer of his time Alexander McCall Smith has produced many a celebrated work. However "My Italian Bulldozer" might continue to be an example of sorts. The amazing and eccentric combination of old ways of love while ridiculing the same is what makes "My Italian Bulldozer" stand a class apart. To a soul that is in love with books and reading, this piece might definitely prove to be an appealing one amidst all its absurdities. 

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