Lidia Yuknavitch Launches ‘The Book Of Joan’

By Debapriya Dutta on Apr 24, 2017 01:21 PM EDT

Lidia Yuknavitch's "The Book of Joan" is the latest novel after her bestselling novel "The Small Backs of Children". "The Book of Joan" depicts the story of "Joan of Arc" and a young heroine of the 15th century, who has been transplanted to the year 2049 with a whole new form: Joan of Dirt. In her book "The Book of Joan", Lidia Yuknavitch has raised a question- what is humanity?

According to Fantastic Fiction, many great personalities have reviewed that "The Book of Joan" is not only the reverting, ravishing or deep but also ferociously intelligent. In line with Roxane Gay, only Lidia Yuknavitch can create a new language by which she can tell an audacious story like "The Book of Joan". This Book has also brought some panegyric compliments for Lidia like- dazzling, post-apocalyptic literary tour de force, verve and bold imagination etc.

The story of "The Book of Joan" reveals that world wars and supervolcanoes ravage our Earth in 2049 and solar storms have dimmed the Sun. Only the wealthiest of people lives in CIEL, a sub-orbital complex, which floats around the dying Earth like a bloated star. People turn into a hairless, sexless and pale white creatures who inscribe stories on their skin like- tattoos. Lidia's character Christine's skin is etched with the story of Joan of Dirt. Joan, a young woman with blue light in the skull, have the power to manipulate with elements.

In the next plot of "The Book of Joan", appears an autocratic leader Jean de Men, who turns the CIEL into a quasi-corporate police state. Soon, inspired by Joan's heroic story a rebel group forms to destroy Jean de Men's arbitrary despotism. Christine and her friend Trinculo join the group when Jean de Men and his force decide to martyr Joan, execute Trinculo and also fetishize reproduction. CIEL politics become corrupted when Joan begins to understand her capacity. But no one, even Joan doesn't know how her power can transcribe the fortune of an entire civilization.

According to NPR, reports state that "The Book of Joan" is based on Lidia's deep imagination, a thrilling fusion of literary fashion and eco-fantasy. It's also praised that Lidia has proved through "The Book of Joan" that she can equally zest the sex, filth, decay, cruelty, and love in one plot.

So, Lidia Yuknavitch's "The Book of Joan" has depicted what is humanity. No matter what the aftermath becomes or how much the situation becomes dizzy, even in the darkest night of civilization a little drop of humanity and hope still remains. "The Book of Joan" by Lidia Yuknavitch is going to be featured at Tattered Cover Book Store, on April 24.

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