The Black Spruce Art Gallery And Framing To Hold Miniature Art Show

By Debapriya Dutta on Apr 21, 2017 12:17 AM EDT

Here comes one of the most fascinating news for art enthusiasts. The Black Spruce Art gallery and Framing is organizing the biggest art exhibition showcasing the largest collection of tiny art.

Kately Malo, the owner of the gallery, was said to have taken the recent initiative. An art contest is being held with a gathering of several tiny art pieces from both professional as well as amateur artists in the field. The exhibit will start from May 2 until June 30.

According to Timmins Today, when asked about the selection of miniature artwork as main criteria of the exhibition at the Black Spruce Art Gallery and Framing, Malo stated that small artworks take a less amount of time to be completed. They are in fact a much interesting way of showcasing an artist's work. Located on Pine Street S, the gallery is known to have been an encouraging place for artists for quite some time.

According to Soo Today, the latest version of the Timmins covered that the idea for the contest at the Black Spruce Art Gallery and Framing was initially put forward by Betty McCauley to the owner of the gallery. The idea was then circulated across to several other artists in the area who considered it to be quite intriguing. The submissions must not exceed the dimensions of 5 inches by 5 inches. Visual arts of all kind can be submitted for the exhibition.

Deadline for participating in the art show is today and entry fee is $5 per piece. Among the several rules that have laid down for the contest, one of the prime among them all is that the piece of art must be completely unique. An artist cannot in any way take inspiration from some other work for the purpose. Interesting as it might sound, it is definitely an event to look forward to. 

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