Alec Baldwin's ‘Nevertheless’ Makes It To The Bestsellers List

By Debapriya Dutta on Apr 27, 2017 02:47 AM EDT

"Nevertheless" by Alec Baldwin is the next big thing that has made its way to the list of best sellers in the hardcover nonfiction category. The book, which debuted at No. 5, was an effort of the author to trace back his own origin.

"Nevertheless" is the second books the actor has written. The first was "A Promises To Ourselves" which came out in 2008. The book was about his custody fight with ex-wife Kim Basinger, as well as a guide for other divorcing parents.

According to The New York Times, Baldwin's latest work may have been inspired by more mercenary reasons (he said he wrote it because he was paid to do it), but the actor made a "sophisticated effort" to understand his origins.

Oliver Stone and Harrison Ford are among the several names that have cropped up in the blame game in "Nevertheless". While he alleges Oliver Stone of sacrificing personal relations to get ahead in his career, Harrison Ford has been accused of being a petty person in "Nevertheless".

Throughout the memoir, Alec Baldwin's disappointment towards things have been captured in a large magnitude. However, according to WPKY, the greatest of all disappointments lie with the author himself. The No.5 of bestselling books, "Nevertheless", has certainly managed to sell out like hot cakes immediately after it was published on April 13, 2017. If the reader thinks that grudge dealings in "Nevertheless" is restricted to just celebrity figures, that person would be highly mistaken. Baldwin has taken every possible care to make it a point that even his publishers were not spared of their mistakes in his Facebook updates.

On the other hand, the book also boasts of praises that have been directed towards authors like Megan Mullaly and Tina Fey. "Nevertheless" stands out as a perfect example of the intense amount of skill that one requires even to get his scores settled with people they despise. 

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