Investigators Claim Biddeford City Theater Is Haunted By Ghost Of A Singer: Show Photos As Proof!

By Kumar Rahul (KR) on Jan 16, 2017 07:34 AM EST

Ancient architectures are reminiscent of grace, history and mystery. Time to time rumors of some of these buildings hint at a possible existence of haunted souls in and around them. Biddeford city theatre in Maine, USA is the latest to join the list of places that dead call home.

As reported in The Sun, the images taken by a group of ghost hunters are said to be that of a singer - Eva Gray. She is rumoured to have died of cardiac arrest back stage after an evening of performance in 1904. Interestingly "Goodbye little girl, Goodbye" is the last song she sang just before her death.

It was the third encore of the night. Repeated pressure from demanding pubic is assumed to be the cause of the mishap. Eva was aged 33 years at that time and was coincidentally performing on the night before Halloween.

The ghost hunters had set infrared cameras inside the theatre built in the Victorian era of 1800 AD. A white spirit like image of a female figurine was seen to have been captured in one of them. It appeared to wear an evening dress and was standing on the theatre staircase. Later it was seen walking out of the building and eventually disappearing.

According to the Portland Press Herald, the paranormal investigator group known as EVP Paranormal visited the theatre on December 19th. The group also posted a video of the incident captured via their infrared camera on their Facebook page.

Caroline Mezoian of Saco and Beverly Young of Buxton formed this group of ghost hunters. Until seeing the ghost photo of Eva, Caroline believed the story of Eva Gray dying backstage after her performance with her three year old daughter sitting in the audience was deliberately made up but the photographs shocked her.

"Once you see the photo of it, how can you deny that there's not something?" Mezoian was quoted saying. In the image the team also captured a man in the balcony and something that is assumed to be a large flame. The team mainly scrutinizes supposedly haunted residual buildings and homes and has never carried a full bodied apparition of this magnitude in its last four years of operation.

Although people are sceptical of the fact presented in EVP Paranormal's reports, it is believed that getting more sophisticated equipments will lead to more accurate and conclusive results for the paranormal team. Reportedly Mezoian and her team will be returning to the theatre to unearth the truth of the photographs.

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