'One Piece' Chapter 854 Recap: Nami and Jinbe Finds Their Way To Mirror World; Big Mom Plan’s Against Vinsmokes Revealed

By Johny Smith on Feb 09, 2017 03:43 PM EST

"One Piece" Chapter 854 leads Nami and Jinbe to Brûlée's Mirror World while they try to outrun Big Mom's soldiers.  The ladies now join the rest of the group including Carrot, Chopper and Pedro. The chapter also reveals how Big Mom plans for Vinsmokes clan at the wedding.

Chapter 854 follows Nami and Jinbe as they run for their lives while being chased by enemies. Using the Thundercloud Rod, Nami will try to take down all soldiers behind them. But the celebration is cut short as Nami and Jinbe are surprised by more enemies running from the direction they originally headed.

When the ladies were beginning to accept their faith, Chopper suprsingly emerges from one of Brûlée's mirrors to grab them. Ecumenical News emphasizes that despite the momentary relief of escaping the soldiers after them, Nami and Jinbe are now trapped in Brûlée's Mirror World too. It is only then that Brûlée learns that Jinbe rebelled and is now going against Big Mom.

Latino Shealth reports Jinbe's revelation. He really had no plans of spinning Big Mom's roulette because he knew that those who spins the rouletter will surley end up dead. Brûlée says Jinbe was right, no one can ever abandon Big Mom's crew alive.

"One Piece" Chapter 854 also reveals Big Mom's grand surprise for Sanji and Pudding's wedding. Big Mom was scheming about killing all Vinsmokes during the big day. Believing that Sanji will hesitate on kissing Pudding when he finally sees her third eye, Big Mom plans to launch the attack when Sanji has to lift Pudding's veil. Big Mom plans that when Sanji gets shot, guns are already pointed at the Vinsmokes and it'll be too late for them too.

Meanwhile, Sanji was entirely out of  his right mind the day before his wedding. He wanted to make a bento for Pudding, but later on realizes that he was cooking food for his Straw Hats friends as he relives the memory of Luffy saying he will not eat again unless Sanji prepares the food.

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