Taylor Swift Is An Amazing Woman Says Former Lover Tom Hiddleston As He Reveal The Story Behind “I LOVE TS” Shirt

By Johny Smith on Feb 11, 2017 08:49 PM EST

Tom Hiddleston says relationship with ex Taylor Swift was real. In his recent interview, the actor tells GQ magazine that Tay Tay is an amazing woman. Seems like the ex-couple remain in good terms despite their split last September.

Entertainment Online quotes Tom Hiddleston as he describes Taylor Swift as generous, kind and lovely. According to Hiddleston, he and the "Blank Space" singer had the best time of their life, at least for as long as their relationship lasted. Why did they had to end it though?

Hiddleston was vocal about being uneasy in from of the camera. Of course, Taylor Swift was a superstar and the limelight was part of her life. Independenk  reports that Hiddleston was surprised by the overwhelming attention and became uneasy with the thought of having people watching his relationship with the singer like a halk.

The couple dated for three months. Hiddleston reveals that he consciously knew that paparazzi lurked around to watch him ang Taylor every single day. Taylor was somehow used to the attention but Hiddleston was uncomfortable and it was not an easy toll for the couple.

Tom Hiddleston also took the chance to explain his side of the "I LOVE TS" tank top on the rocks story. It can be recalled that fans came up with all kinds of spectacle to understand what could have possibly convinced the actor to literally wear his love for the "Shake It Off" superstar.

Eight months after the incident, Taylor's former lover reveals how he ended up with the infamous piece of clothing. Hiddleston says the truth was he only needed something to cover his back which he hurt when he slipped while playing a game the the fourth of July. He asked for a spare shirt from friends, and an obviously funny one handed him the "I LOVE TS" shirt which he eventually wore.

With their good ties, will Tom Hiddleston and Taylor Swift get back together? Share your thoughts!

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