Mine Modular Controller Designed For Musicians, DJ’s And Producers

By Genevieve Gatia on Mar 09, 2017 08:46 AM EST

The new brand, Special waves, is aiming to give the music professionals like producers, musicians and DJ's something new, customizable and updatable. The Special waves launched a modular controller that lets DJs, producers, and musicians build it like LEGO.

According to Design Boom, Special waves launched its new product Mine. Mine is intended for producers, DJ's and musicians who like to customized, expand and reconfigure their tools.

Mine is a modular midi controller that has a case suitable for accommodating modules made of single electronic interfaces in order to offer the flexibility in the creation of its configuration. The modules can be inserted into the case or removed like a LEGO which can make for a larger number of possible configurations.

The designed modules, at the moment, are six: pad, 2 buttons, pot, fader, encoder, and blank. The modules have a polymeric material body to protect and cover the electronic components. The modules can be connected to the motherboard through small connectors under the module; it can be placed horizontally or vertically for more flexibility of its use.

According to Special Waves, two versions are currently available: Mine and MineS. Mine contains a matrix of 8x8 which allows the insertion of a maximum of 64 modules. While the MineS have the matrix of 8x4 which can house up to 32 modules.

The modules are set in place by the two clips on the chassis which are inserted into the slots on the motherboard. For stability, the modules once inserted within the case and to remove them the two special extractors have to be used to extract the clip.

For expandability, Mine has 2 more ports for expansion and MineS has 1 port for expansion, the dedicated controller editor can recognize automatically the type of module, its orientation and its position. For connectivity and powering the controller, a standard USB port will connect the controller to a Mac/PC.

For its configuration is quite simple, simply add a module and your screen configuration software will pop-up, the user can modify the parameters of each module and save the settings directly on the module.

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