Metro Station 'Brutalism' Architectural Design Recieves Negative Feedback From Critics

By Genevieve Gatia on Apr 04, 2017 06:37 AM EDT

Metro is painting the Union Station stop with white color on walls and ceilings to improve commuters' experience. But passersby are unhappy with the outcome in Union Station that the stop has received negative feedback from critics.

According to GG Wash's report, Metro's architectural style, which they called "Brutalism," came as a surprise this week. The style name did not literally mean savagely violent, but rather comes from a French word "beton brut" or "raw concrete."

Meanwhile, the new design of Union Station stop which painted the walls and ceiling with a white color that is not the natural color of the concrete gets the attention of few users on Twitter and a WAMU 88.5 employee, as WAMU reported. Metro are satisfied of their new plan, which they considered as the best example of fairly well-designed despite the negative feedback from passersby.

Moreover, the cardinal rules of "beton brut" should not include the concrete to get painted or altered, which led to opposite tenets of the design. While, Kriston Capps, CityLab writer and architecture critic Twitted that the idea of using white paint is "outrageous."

Amanda Kolson Hurley, writer of Washington City Paper and architecture also commented that "Weese's vault should not be painted white," referring to Harry Weese, who was the architect for Metro. According to Metro spokesman Dan Stessel, the Union Station's new white color is to create lighter and brighter environment for commuters in the busiest station.

Dan Stessel added that Union Station stop was covered with years of dust, grime coated and dirt is in need of cleaning, which is why the color white was chosen. He also revealed that Union Station was the only station that got wpainted with a bright color. He is also looking forward to the same changes applied to other stations.

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