2017 Pulitzer Prize In Music Goes To Du Yun’s ‘Angel’s Bone’

By Debapriya Dutta on Apr 18, 2017 01:19 PM EDT

Chinese-born composer Du Yun and librettist Royce Vavrek's marvelous work "Angel's Bone" has been awarded the 2017 Pulitzer Prize. The Pulitzer Prize money $15,000 is awarded to an American's distinguished musical performance which was recorded for the first time in the U.S in the current year.

According to The Pulitzer Prizes, the Shanghai-born composer Du Yun's "Angel's bone" was first debuted at the Prototype Festival on Jan. 6, 2016, in the 3LD Art and Technology Center, New York. The Pulitzer jury has classified the duo- Du Yun and librettist Royce Vavrek's work "Angel's Bone" as bold, operatic, and eclectic. In line with the jury- Du Yun's "Angel's Bone" has exhibited the greatest example of modern human trafficking system by wide use of trenchant allegories along with vocal and instrumental elements.

The actual drama "Angel's Bone" reveals how two fallen angels, first are nursed and then are locked up by a middle-class couple who have always longed for fame and wealth. The couple Mr. and Mrs. X.E, take care of those fallen angels, bring back their health. Then they lock up the angels in a cellar to use them for being rich and famous.

According to Newmusicbox, the New York-based 39 years old composer Du Yun's "Angel's bone" snatched the Pulitzer Prize 2017 by defeating the two finalists Ashley Fure and Kate Soper. Reports stated that in the 74 years history of the Pulitzer Prize in music, this was the very first time when all the finalists were women as well as under 40 years old. It is also reported that only 14 women finalists have been selected for Pulitzer Prize since 1943. Among them, only seven finalists have won and Du Yun is one of them.

Primarily debuted in New York's Prototype Festival, Du Yun's "Angel's Bone" will be officially staged at LA Opera, but the date is yet to be announced. So now with the former winners of the Pulitzer Prize, Du Yun's name is attached to the distinguished list of Pulitzer Prize recipients due to her deep, enthusiastic, bold, and eclectic work "Angel's Bone".

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