Kit Harington Lost Virginity Not On Rose Leslie; 'Game of Thrones' Actor Says He Was Too Young When It Happened

By Johny Smith on Feb 03, 2017 11:07 AM EST

As one of the highest paid actors on television, the now 30-year-old star has come a long way. Kit Harrington was famously deflowered in a cave on the hit show "Game of Thrones", as he plays the role of Jon Snow. Kit Harington of "Game of Thrones" reveals some juicy details about his life.

In the award-winning series, Kit Harington's character Jon Snow had an adventurous sexual escapade with Ygritte. Ygritte is a Wildling paramour played by Rose Leslie who turns out to be Kit's real life lover after her character died in season 4 of the GOT series.

According to Us Weekly, Kit Harrington's experience as a first timer in a cave was more exciting than his first time in real life. Harington revealed that his first time was a typical sort of teenage thing that happens in a party. Harington didn't state of what age he was when that thing happened, but the age of 13 is not far off as he added.

Kit Harington has been working on some projects right now, according to Entertainment News. Kit Harringotn will star at the upcoming Western Brimstone with Dakota Fanning.

Kit Harington would prefer to do comedy because he is planning to do and try out some less serious roles in the future. He wanted to play a really different role, with a character who is right on the edge.

About the onscreen lover turns out to be a real-life couple, Kit Harington definitely fell in love with Rose Leslie during a "Game of Thrones" scene. When they were shooting in Iceland, the pair fell for each other on set.

The setting of the scene had helped the stars develop their feelings for each other. Meanwhile, the 29-year old Rose decided not to reunite with her boyfriend again on screen because she wants to be known for her acting skills and not just by being associated with Kit Harrington.

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