Collaborative Summer Library Program Create Images For 2017 Theme 'Build a Better World'; Library Diverse, Free, For Everyone

By BLindon on Mar 03, 2017 09:48 AM EST

The library is for everyone, and this year's theme for the Collaborative Summer Library Program is "Build a Better World." Librarian Rebecca McCorkindale of Hafuboti has even made some images to make the theme more inclusive and diverse.

Public libraries have recently filled the shelves with books and materials in different languages aside from English. According to reports, a library in Sydney serving a high migrant population displays a "welcome" sign that greets guests in 11 different languages.

Inside the library, all kinds of displays and events can also be found, as libraries often host programs that could interest a broad range of age groups and interests. These displays are also used to promote events and topics that are aimed at different segments of the population that use a library.

The reason for this is that a public library has a mission of catering to the general public. This may be shown through their collections, in the events and in the spaces, as evidenced in the movements that librarians begin. Reports indicate Rebecca's belief that the message on her images at the center of what they do as well as the reasons why the libraries  will continue to become relevant. These images are currently available in 13 different languages like Dutch, Japanese and French among others, Book Riot reported.

Meanwhile, in a library found in the small-town south of England, Chris Paling gets to know the visitors, through anonymous, functional role that allows him to observe them.  There, he can see a woman with a couple small children taking out a book

"Is Daddy Coming Back in a Minute?," while explaining what sudden death means to children in words they can easily understand, including a woman who snaps at her husband to choose his books or a man who angrily talks about his new shrink on the phone, Spectator reported. Learn about Sydney Library as Everyman's University - Australian Diary 11 here:


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