'Girl Meets Boy' Author Ali Smith Publishes First Seasons-Inspired Series; 'Autumn' Highlights Life, Thoughts While In Coma

By BLindon on Mar 03, 2017 09:46 AM EST

Ali Smith recently published the first book in a quartet she plans, which is inspired by the seasons. It is expected that "Winter," "Spring" and "Summer" will follow soon after. Much anticipation has already set in as her latest work was praised for being extraordinarily rich.

The "How to Be Both" author comes up with this masterpiece that considers post-Brexit Britain towards the end of last summer. The story tells of the perspective of a 32-year old art history lecturer named Elisabeth. Thus, Smith's masterpiece is filled with fragments of books, paintings and song lyrics in a literary decoupage likened to the fragile patchwork of national identity, The Atlantic reported.

"The Accidental" author also cites a wide variety of literature ranging from "Brave New World" to "The Tempest." Smith's Elisabeth, also described as "Thomas Hardy on speed" sets the stage for a modernist interrogation of history. Furthermore, the scenes in her book dance with absurdly realistic to surreal.

"Autumn" also talks about a century old man living in a residential care home. While Daniel is in a state of coma, the writer takes the reader into his thoughts and his dreams, making up most of the book's existential wanderings. Daniel probes into thoughts like being trapped in the body of a tree and poses questions like, "How many worlds can you hold in a hand or in a handful of sand?"

Meanwhile, the "Girl meets Boy" author also converges fiction and fact into the book while injecting a real life character. Smith acknowledges the female British Pop Art Artist Pauline Bonty who fell victim to a tragic early death and male privilege.

Elisabeth attempts to write about Boty while her dissertation supervisor tries to dissuade her. Apparently, Elisabeth thinks it would be a good thing to do, Independent UK reported.

Ali Smith also crafts in a brief episode in the 1940s France where a young woman is seen resisting internment. "Autumn" is also likened to "A Tale of Two Cities" at it tells of the story of the 101 year old Daniel, who has lived through the very worst of times from World War 2 to the Profumo affair.

Smith also interlinks her characters as Daniel is Elisabeth's neighbor and Bonty painted a famous portrait of Christine Keeler. Watch how other writers and Ali Smith approach the task of writing a novel at this age, below:


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