J.K. Rowling Shares Matt Haig’s Twitter Thread Emphasizing The Darker Side Of Anxiety

By Debapriya Dutta on Apr 27, 2017 11:29 AM EDT

British author Matt Haig talked about anxiety in a series of tweets on Tuesday morning. The author of the forthcoming novel "How to Stop Time" talked feelingly about his anxiety problems through a twitter thread. J.K. Rowling shared the thread in her own tweeter feed supporting the views of Haig.

According to HuffPost, Matt Haig expressed his feelings toward the problem through his tweets. Stating his own experience of the problem, he said "Anxiety is a tricky thing. However bad it is now it convinces you things will get worse." Continuing his views towards anxiety he stated the differences between anxiety and worry and also informed about his recovery from anxiety.

Interestingly the views of the British author towards the problem did not receive an all-positive response. Stung by the negative feedbacks on his twitter thread he added another tweet, stating "Forgot that every time you say anything online about anxiety you get folk denying your reality." This prompts J.K. Rowling, the popular author to open up about the darker side of the problem. Rowling emphasized that many fail to come to terms that they are actually suffering from anxiety and live in a world of lies they tell themselves. In her response to Matt Haig's tweet, Rowling said on her twitter page: "Sadly, it's often a giveaway. If you're a liar, maybe the dark, scary place I keep locked up inside me isn't real, either."

According to Anxiety And Depression Association Of America, they have found that almost 18 percent of the American population is affected by the anxiety disorder. Over the days it has become one of the most common problems of mental illness. Haig also mentioned about Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Panic Disorder in his tweets. These problems are also taking a toll on public health, though not as serious as anxiety. Generalized Anxiety Disorder affects around 3.1 percent of the American population, whereas the Panic Disorder troubles a further 2.7 percent.  

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